Vote For America’s Pig Farmer Of The Year

The National Pork Board created the America’s Pig Farmer of the Year award in order to recognize a farmer who excels in raising pigs using the We Care ethical principles and who can effectively communicate their story to today’s consumers.

You may vote once a day.


Doug Dawson

With a passion that was sparked at the age of five, Doug Dawson has been a full-time pig farmer since 1980. Dawson Farms, Inc., established in 1939, focuses on corn, soybeans, wheat and hay beyond the pig farm. Dawson’s farrow-to-finish operation markets 44,000 pigs per year.

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Chris Hoffman

Growing up with a love of animals, Chris Hoffman has worked his way up to owning a pig farm now that sells 34,000 pig annually. Hoffman focuses on animal well-being on his farrow-to-finish farm. Additionally, he raises more than 235,000 broilers a year.

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Josh Linde

Food safety and raising animals in a stress-free environment allows Josh Linde to provide a safe product for his family and consumers. Linde owns and operates his own farm, which markets 9,600 pigs annually, and works full-time for The Maschhoffs.

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Thomas Titus

On Thomas Titus’ farrow-to-finish farm, animal care is his No. 1 priority. His multi-generation farm is run by immediate family and a few employees who are like family. Thomas and his wife also raise kids, cattle, goats and hens, corn, soybeans and hay on their farm.

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